standard van

Our standard van system is ideal for those with moderate power needs. Free yourself from the worry of dead batteries and lack of available power. Installation includes the addition of an AC distribution panel with breakers, and a DC fuse block. We also include a shore power connection to allow for additional charging options.

Our system are built using top quality Victron components. This allows us to provide incredible technical support using their LIVE VRM system from anywhere. We offer 12-month support on all installations.

Complete package installed from $8,600

Key Features

  • Victron Multiplus compact 12/2000
  • Victron Smart Solar 100/15
  • Victron Smart Shunt battery monitor
  • Victron Cerbo GX interface with Touch 50 display
  • Victron Lynx distributor – High quality busbar and fuse holder
  • 1x Rich Solar 24v 200 watt solar panel

Package price $3900

Choose your batteries

  • 1x Victron Smart Lithium 12.8v 200ah – 2.5kwh – $2100
  • 1x Battle Born 12v 270ah – 3.5kwh – $2400
  • 2x Battle Born 12v 100ah – 2.5kwh – $1600
  • 1x SOK 12v 206ah – 2.5kwh – $1030
  • 2x Lion Energy 12v 105ah – 5kwh – $1700
  • 1x Chins 12v 200ah – 5kwh – $650

*additional battery configurations available*

Optional Add-Ons to this package include

Complete package installed from $8600

*this system will power high consumers (i.e. air conditioners, microwave, electric heaters, etc.) individually not simultaneously*

*runtime for high consumers (i.e. air conditioners, microwave, electric heaters, etc.) will be dependent on the size of the battery bank*

*we recommend a roof rack be installed prior to installation of solar panels*